Speaker Tim Jones Named to National Executive Committee of Republican Legislative Campaign Committee

Speaker Tim Jones has been named to the National Executive Committee of the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee, an organization founded in November 2002 which is dedicated to electing more Republicans in state legislatures across the nation.

“Being chosen to serve this important organization is a true honor, and I look forward to working with the others who serve the RLCC to support Republican candidates for state legislatures across the nation,” said Jones.  “Ensuring Republican leadership at the state level is of the utmost importance as we look to put our nation back on track to fiscal responsibility and economic success.”

“Speaker Jones is an exceptional leader and we thank him for his commitment and look forward to working with him through this election cycle,” said Republican State Leadership Committee President Chris Jankowski.  “The key to gaining and growing our majorities is furthering the ideals and principles of leaders fighting for what is right like Speaker Jones does in Missouri.”

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