Speaker Tim Jones Responds to Governor Nixon’s Veto of 72 Hour Abortion Waiting Period Bill

Speaker Tim Jones has issued the following statement in response to Governor Nixon’s veto of HBs 1307 & 1313, a measure which would have extended the waiting period to receive an abortion from 24 hours to 72 hours.

“I believe that the most important thing our legislature can do is protect life, and I know that I am not alone in this belief.  HBs 1307 & 1313 passed the House with 111 votes in favor, and 22 Senators gave their support to the measure.  This is a common sense measure to help preserve life, and it is unconscionable for Governor Nixon to veto this bill.  During the coming months, I will be discussing this matter with my colleagues, and we will be revisiting this issue in September during veto session.  Life must be protected, and I will not waver in my commitment to make Missouri one of the safest states in the nation for the unborn.”

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