The tasks government undertakes should and must be done well. This means spending the hard earned dollars of our citizens wisely and appropriately. During my tenure as State Representative and then House Majority Floor Leader, I have diligently worked with my colleagues to present and pass a balanced budget for the State of Missouri.  When financial times have forced us to make difficult spending decisions, we always take the time to listen and consider what is best for those in greatest need and for the majority of Missourians.  As Speaker of the House, I will continue to be dedicated to fiscal responsibility while representing all the citizens of the 110th District and throughout Missouri.


Tim realizes that education is “the great equalizer” and believes that every child deserves the best education possible.  A child’s lot in life should not be determined merely by their zip code.  School districts across the state must receive fair and equitable funding, but tax dollars are not the only answer to a quality education.  We must also demand an appropriate level of performance from our teachers who should in turn expect a high level of performance from all our students and children.  To help improve education in Missouri, Tim has supported opportunity scholarships and proposals like the “Parent Trigger Act” which will help ensure parents are able to get involved in efforts to turn failing schools around.  Education is a cooperative effort between our government, our school districts and our citizens. When families work with educators and legislators, our children will be successful. We must set and maintain the highest standards of education for our schools.

Economic Development

Small and mid-size business owners are the backbone of our local economies and are fundamental to the growth of any community.  Unfortunately, antiquated policies and excessive red tape are preventing our state’s businesses from growing and thriving.  As Speaker, I will work to get our economy back on track using free market policies that will emphasize smaller government, cut needless regulations, restore protections from frivolous litigation, and remove barriers which prevent us from competing for quality jobs.

Strong Energy Policy

Missourians rely on affordable energy, and maintaining ready access to this important resource should be one of our top priorities in the Missouri House.  We need to focus on passing bills that will emphasize energy independence, encourage utilization of existing resources, and ensure our state will lead the way in new developments like Small Modular Reactors.

Life & Security

I believe in the value of every life. And in order for every life and for every person to be truly “free” I believe that government must protect and provide security for all its citizens. Threats to our security and our lives in this era comes from many sources and we must always be diligent in recognizing that in order for all of us to remain free, we must be secure in our freedom.